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1:144 scale. Skill level 5. 482 parts. Completed length: 797 mm. - To enable the speedy build-up of their navy after World War II the Federal Republic of Germany received on lease from the USA six destroyers of the Fletcher Class. Before they were taken over all the vessels received a general overhaul and refit in accordance with the requirements of the German Navy. Extensive modifications were also made to the deck superstructures. The Destroyer 1 (Z1) NATO designation D170 went into service with the German Navy in January 1958 as a destroyer of the new Class 119. The Destroyer 5 (Z5/D179) followed in February 1960. Based on the existing model kit for the US Navy Fletcher Class Destroyers, 155 new componentsgive a detailed and authentic reproduction of the German Navy version. In addition to the main armament, four 127 mm gun mountings, the three semi-automatic twin barrelled quick-fire 76.2 calibre cannon are shown in detailwith movable barrels. The latter were designed to secure the air space above it. This highly detailed model kit also includes the five torpedo tubes for surface-to-surface warfare, two torpedotubes for anti-submarine warfare and two Hedgehog anti-submarine mine layers.

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