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Radio Control Electric Cars

Can I cut off some of the aerial?

Definitely NOT - the aerial in the vehicle is matched to the aerial in the transmitter, so if you shorten it you will severely shorten the range that you can control the vehicle. If it is too long wrap some around a piece of cardboard and then place it out of harm's way on the chassis.

What is "Range Checking"

Range Checking should be done every time you use any radio control, whether it be for cars, boats, planes, gliders, submarines or helicopters. To Range Check your radio turn it on with the motor running and have someone take the car as far away as you think you are likely to use it. Check that the radio controls all functions correctly at this distance - if not then it is too far away. REMEMBER - when the car goes out of range the servos will stay in the same position - if that means it was going in a straight line at full speed then it will keep on going until the batteries go flat, it runs out of fuel or it hits something!!!!!!

How far can I control it?

Generally the range is around 100 meters - with a couple of important provisos - (1) your batteries are fully charged in both the transmitter and the vehicle (2) your aerial on the transmitter is fully extended and you haven't shortened the receiver aerial (3) there are not a lot of obstructions around such as trees, buildings and rocky outcrops (limestone can greatly reduce the range) (4) do not point the transmitter aerial at the car - the signal is emitted from the sides of the aerial - nothing comes out of the top - think of the signal as "MICKEY MOUSE EARS" (5) Mobile telephones when they are being used - not on standby - can completely destroy the signal being transmitted from your transmitter for a distance of about 30 meters.

How fast will it go?

This depends on a number of factors: how well you have set up the vehicle in the first place such as the castor and camber of the wheels; how charged up your battery is; what voltage battery you are using (7.2 v - 8.4v) and the type of motor and gearing you have installed. Speeds of between 30 kph and 100 kph are possible although generally for a stock standard kit, 30- 40kph could be expected.

How long will the battery last?

This depends on what you are doing with the vehicle and the type of battery you have installed. A 7.2v 1400 mah battery should last 7-10 minutes. A 7.2v 1700 mah battery should last 20% longer. The 2000 mah batteries should last up to 40% longer but will take 40% longer to recharge. An 8.4v 1400 mah battery should also last 7- 10 minutes but the vehicle will go faster. The type of motor installed also has a bearing on the time between recharges. A high torque motor will drain the battery more quickly than a lower torque motor.

Should I let the motor cool down before putting a fresh battery into the car?

It is important to let the motor cool down after use if you want the motor to last. The internals of the motor get extremely hot. High temperatures can lead to premature bearing failure or shorting of the armature.

Why doesn't the battery last very long?

The battery needs to be bedded in and this will take 6-12 full charges. The battery should only be recharged when it is completely flat and cool. Also, the battery may simply be too old.

How long will it take to recharge the battery?

The battery should always be cool before recharging. If charging off a 12v car battery, with fast charge leads the charge time is 15-17 minutes for a 1200 mah battery . 18 minutes for a 1400 mah battery. 22 minutes for a 1700 mah battery and 25 minutes for the new 2000 mah batteries. Do not leave on any longer than this otherwise the battery may explode or catch fire!! If fast charging off a mains fast charger; the time is 30 minutes for the 1200 mah battery. 36 minutes for the 1400 mah battery, 42 minutes for the 1700 mah battery and 50 minutes for the 2000 mah batteries. To trickle charge your battery it takes 12 - 16 hours. To get the maximum number of recharges from your battery you should trickle charge every now and again. The battery should handle 300 recharges if cared for correctly.

Should I grease the drive shafts?

If you want your drive shafts to last then most definitely, YES! A moly grease (black) should be used. All moving parts should be lubricated regularly.

Can I use any type of paint for the body?

On hard plastic bodies you may use enamel, lacquer or acrylic paints On poly-carbonate bodies (the see-thru type) you must only use poly-carbonate paint. This is applied on the inside of the body and remains flexible - if you do not use polycarbonate paint then the paint will crack and peel off the first time the body is bent. The protective coating on the outside is then removed to reveal a sparkling painted finish. The body should be washed in warm soapy water and then rinsed and allowed to dry before painting. The decals (stickers) are applied to the outside of the body. A new product is available to safely remove polycarbonate paint from polycarbonate bodies.

Why do the servos in the car jitter?

An electronic speed controller will not make the car go faster. They are only required if you fit a motor that is more powerful than a stock motor or you want to be able to have full control over the motor. A 3 step speed controller only gives - stop slow fast in both forward and reverse. Electronic speed controllers are available with forward only for racing or with forward and reverse. Prices start at around $95.00.

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