October 2010 Newsletter

Issue: 5th Edition 28-Oct-10
A glimpse at all that is happening at Stanbridges

In This Issue:
  1. Don Hall Book Signing
  2. F-111C Diecast Model
  3. RAAF Spitfire 1/32 Scale Plastic Kit
  4. Model Rocket Launch Pad
  5. Gravity Discovery Centre
  6. TWH Diecast Construction Models
  7. Delta Airbrush and Compressor kit
Don Hall Book Signing
Don Hall has had a long association with motor racing in Western Australia which culminated in his Speed Shop in Rockeby Road Subiaco. Don's shop was the first in Western Australia to cater for the motor enthusiast.

Don will be at the shop this Saturday from 11am to noon for a book signing of his latest book. It is also his birthday so please wish him a happy birthday.

The book - "Both sides of the Fence" is for sale at the shop for $49.95
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F-111C Diecast Model
Due for release in the middle of November is this 1/72 scale model of the RAAF No 6 Squadron 82 Wing F-111C.

The aircraft is in the scheme it wore in the Fairford UK Air show display in 1993. This aircraft was delivered to the RAAF on June 1 1973. The aircraft was lost, 13 September 1993 on a simulated night attack. It flew into a flock of pelicans and crashed with the loss of both crew members.

The model includes workable swing wings, crew, landing gear can be displayed up or down, display stand, selection of weapons and drop tanks and a PAVETACK pod that can be shown open or closed.

It is always difficult to find subject matter of Australian product so be quick to get your order in. Priced at $120.00.

Code HMA3002
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RAAF Spitfire 1/32 Scale Plastic Kit
This kit is a terrific quality item by Tamiya and is a large 1/32 scale kit.
The Spitfire Mk.VIII was developed to succeed the MK.V and was powered by a Merlin 60 engine. It also included many new improvements such as an enlarged rudder, shortened ailerons, a retractable tail landing gear, and fuel tanks installed at the leading edges of the wings. The Mk.VIII finally went into service in the summer of 1943, after the deployment of the stop-gap Mk.IX.

The Mk.IX mostly saw action throughout Europe whereas the Mk.VIII was sent to other fronts such as the Mediteranean and the Pacific. As well as fighting against both the Luftwaffe and the Italian air force in North Africa and Italy, the Mk.VIII also proved itself against the Japanese Zero in battles over China/Burma/India as well as Australia.

The new features which were designed for the Mk.VIII were also used by the Mk.IX , and were incorporated onto later Spitfire variants such as those powered by Griffon engines. It can be said that the Mk.VIII was the foundation on which later model Spitfire aircraft were built upon.

Kit cost $195.00

Code T60320
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Model Rocket Launch Pad
We sell 1000s of model rockets. Now this is a little different from the usual black powder variants we sell.

This launch pad requires a bicycle pump and an empty 2 litre cool drink bottle. There is a 60psi safety cut-off.

Partially fill the bottle with water, pump it up and release the catch - don't forget to stand back so you don't get wet! Perfect for those long hot summer days ahead.

Bottle and pump are not included.

Cost $39.95 and in stock now!

Code: GT3014
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Gravity Discovery Centre
Now this is not something that we sell but it is well worth a look.

The Gravity Discovery Centre is an exciting science education centre just one hour North of Perth and home to the Leaning Tower of Gingin. Climbing the Tower puts the thrill back into science! Experience hands-on science experiments and learn about the latest discoveries in science and technology and their relevance to your everyday life.

See their website for further details:
Gravity Discovery Centre Home Page
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TWH Diecast Construction Models
On Saturday 30th October 2010 we will open our new Construction Models display section in the shop. This will be along with the Don Hall book signing.

The Range of TWH models is quite extensive and they are of a very high quality. Come on into the shop and have a look at a small section of their range along with a preview of the new Australian Drake Trailers and prime movers.

See their website for further details:
TWH Home Page
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Delta Airbrush and Compressor kit
This is new from Delta - a complete Airbrush and Compressor package - in the one box. Everything you need is included. Compressor, Airbrush, braided air hose (1.8M). Just plug it into the mains and add your paint and start painting.
The compressor automatically stops when you stop spraying.

Includes: Dual Action gravity airbrush
Interchangeable nozzles 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.5mm
Cup reservoir capacity 7ml
Braided Reinforced Hose 1.8M long
Air Compressor with a working capacity 15-30psi

Please note this set-up will not spray paint that requires higher pressure of say 50psi such as the Fask range of paints

In stock now at $209.95
Code DL86001
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