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Telescopes & Microscopes

We stock a range of quality TASCO, CELESTRON and BARSKA telescopes, binoculars and microscopes.

Check out the TASCO page for a full description and photos of there product. If we do not have it listed here then chances are that we can get it in stock very quickly.

For current sky watching information try these sites:







We stock a complete range of ROBOTICS EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS. Check out their web page and then get back to us for availability.

See the OWI and ROBOTICS makes on Science Pages for our current stock

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Sensing Robots

These robots have contact sensors or detectors for infrared light and sound that help guide their operation, and make great entrants for robotic competitions. Build a maze with smooth walls and a black line down the centre, and both wall followers and line trackers can compete against each other.

Reconfigurable Robots

The Fischertech system was originally developed in Europe as a prototyping tool so engineers could rapidly create, modify and refine operating models of industrial equipment. It is far more than "Lego for adults". The pieces lock together and stay there. Many components include metal for extra strength. The electronic systems include sensors, LED's, motors and more. The programming is fast and powerful.

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Programmable Robots

These programmable robots all come with instructions and are self built like the others. Programmable robots allow an extra aspect to come into the picture. Some of these robots have control pads allowing you to decide where and when your robot moves, others have buttons on them allowing you to program simple moves like forward for 2 seconds spin once etc... Some are even able to plug in and interact with your computer.

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Solar Energy Robots

These robots known as solar energy robots are powered by Solar Cells. These cells take the light from the sun and create it into electricity. Some of these solar powered robots can be adjusted so that they are powered by wind or battery as well as solar energy.

Brains/Controllers Robots

Use these chips or brains in a robot to inhance its capacity to carry out tasks that you set for him. They enable you to easily write programs for robots that can send and receive serial data read analog and digital sensors, performance computations - even operate servos.

Books/Teacher Notes

A "teacher friendly" guide to learning about robotics and/or electrical technology that provides activities, concepts and research assignments.
Free photo copiable with a complete set of answer keys for teachers.
Also a wide range of reference books by notable authors.

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